Ivana’s bound for Glory – Article by Ryan Stevenson


Ivana Raymonda’s cover of Portished’s ‘Glory Box’ has passed 19,000 views and is making good progress towards the 20,000 view milestone, it has been a successful last couple of months for Ivana as she has gone from Top 100 contender last month on ArtistSignal to being set to finish in the Top 10 this month leading her and her ever growing band of fans to believe that August will be the month where they will take 1st place and the $10,000 prize that comes with it.

Ivana is also competing on shootsharewin.com and is currently running third and is a good chance of winning the top prize of $300 which will also help her fund the next couple of music videos that she will be making over the coming months, Ivana currently has two music videos in the pipeline which will be released between now and the end of August ensuring that her fans will be very pleased to see the new material.