Album Review by Steven F. Adams

After listening to the new album called “Timeless” By Ivana I was amazed on hearing what I heard. For her second album, which also includes all original songs, she has a voice that just explains it all. “Timeless” is just has one of those albums that is very heart warming and heart felt lyrics to support those feelings. Ivana seems to tell a love story of her life. she has tremendous vocal arrangements that project this on all the songs. I particularly really enjoyed the songs “Closer to your Heart”, which has real emotional value and is expressed through Ivanas voice. Throughout the album it continues with the story and begins to paint a picture musically. One of the other songs that I really liked was “All roads lead to you” which just is a sound that carries you with it and allows one to feel real, expressive feelings and is just a great song. The song” Meet me in a Dream” is yet another reason why we have “love songs” on the radio, and this song in my opinion should be playing on the radio, if it isn’t already, yet another timeless song. All the songs when hearing this album is like she is actually singing to you personally and I tend to enjoy that type of music, simply  because I get the feelings that the singer or in this case songwriter is singing directly to me. Ivana on this album really makes it worth your while, she is extremely talented, so talented I did want the album to end. However I did a little homework and listened to her first alum and that was equally great. Ivana has a real sound and has planted her voice in my music memory and is indeed “Timeless”  and I wish her well in the future and continues her musical journey and looking forwards to hearing more from her in the future.

Steven F. Adams

c2016 used by permission


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