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Ivana Raymonda van der VeenBiography: Ivana Raymonda

Ivana Raymonda van der Veen is a singer, actress and model. She was born in Amersfoort on May 2, 1992. Until May 2013 she lived in the Netherlands then she moved to Bad Bentheim, Germany. Since October 2015 she has resided in Hardenberg, Overijssel back at home in the country of her birth.

Ivana has always had a passion for singing and dancing. She trained in classical and jazz ballet and obtained a Gold Star diploma in both ballroom and Latin dancing.

Ivana made her first music video when she was just 14. Ivana produces, records, and edits her entire video and audio catalogue. Her meticulous work produces video and audio quality at a professional level. In addition, she has developed a very successful website, www.ivanavanderveen.com and continues to maintain it on her own.

On October 10, 2010, Ivana made her radio debut. Following that successful debut, many other radio stations from all over the world began playing her music on the air waves.

On March 22, 2011, Ivana had her first big live performance. She was invited to sing in Paradiso Amsterdam, NL. On that day Ivana became certain that performing is what she wants to do.

In October 2011 Ivana released her debut single, “You’re The One”. Up till now she has released 64 original songs, written by many composers from different countries and has co-written a number of these.

Ivana appeared for the first time on television in November 2011. The show was broadcast in Israel. They featured nine of her videos, which was a very great compliment to her work.

In December 2012 Ivana had her first concert abroad. She performed in London, England.

In 2013 Ivana won First place three times in the World, Original and Covers music video chart on BEAT100.

9438 2014-06-05 IvanaIn August 2013 Ivana was selected by Darkstone Entertainment to sing the song “Little Miss Understood” for their Sci-Fi/Horror movie “Plan 9”. Plan 9 has signed with Spotlight Pictures and will be presented at the Cannes Film Market as well as many other markets.

In February 2014 Ivana released her debut album CD “Dreams”. It features 12 original songs with music and lyrics by David K. Williams, and has been sold all over the world.

In August 2014, Ivana took first place in a competition on ArtistSignal winning a $10,000 grand prize.

In December 2014 she received her first printed review in the Washington City Paper about her music video “Happy White Christmas“. The video received over 100,000 YouTube views in the first month.

In May 2015 Ivana became an official VEVO artist, expanding her YouTube presence further with a YouTube VEVO channel.

On September 27th, 2015, Ivana released a second CD “Timelessalong with her first DVD “Timeless Dreams“.

Ivana works tirelessly to make her dream become a reality, maintaining her own web site, www.ivanavanderveen.com and several social networking sites, enabling her to keep in touch with her fans all over the globe who watch her videos on YouTube.


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