Me & My “MacBook Pro” & USB-C Hub 11-in-1 💕❤️

💕 Today I have VERY exciting news!!!! I received an early Birthday gift 😀 OH YEAH! It’s a “MacBook Pro 16” from my ⭐ Amazon Wishlist: 💖 Thank you so much to a supporter for giving this to me 😊 It means SOOOO MUCH! More exciting news… since my MacBook is more modern than many of my equipment LOL featuring only 4 USB-C inputs 😉 <3 My sweet Patreons ( ) & YTMembers have bought me a USB-C Hub 11-in-1 with wireless phone-charger! It has HDMI + VGA + 3 x USB-3.0 + USB-C + Ethernet + SD/Micro SD so I am capable of connecting all my devices! <3 Thank you crazy much too all of you who help me! It means the world to me 🌷🎶❤️ Love 🌷🎶❤️ Happiness 🌷🎶❤️ Hugs 🌷🎶❤️ Smile 🌷🎶🎶❤️ Stay Healthy & Much Love❤️❤️❤️.Ivana

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