Questions & Answers



What or who is your inspiration?
Being outside mostly in the nature gives me a lot of inspiration.

How many different countries have you collaborated with?
I have collaborated with people from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Hungary, Iran, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States.

Do you play any instruments?
I have always been too busy with singing, video making and sound engineering to learn an instrument on top but now I really want to put some time into it. So I’ve ordered a guitar and will start teaching myself in March.

Do you have any plans to perform in the USA?
No plans! But hopefully someday! It would be an amazing dream come true!

Where do plan to perform this Summer?
My focus right now is not really on performing but on working on music videos for YouTube and creating another album and DVD but I hope to give an online concert this year.

What is that holds you good and sweet?
I eat many cookies! They contain a lot of sugar! LOL 😉

Whom do you dedicate your songs?
To all the lovely people who listen to my music and support me.

If you had given an opportunity to do a duet with someone, who would that be?
Lana Del Rey, I really love her music style and sound.



How tall are you?
1.76 meter that is about 5″9 inch.

Do you sing in German?
Yes I’ve sang one song in German which is composed by Jörg Beckmann specially for me called “Held Der Liebe”.

Why are you always alone in your videos?
Not always 😉 I’ve sang with Alex Raco a song he composed specially for us to do a duet called “Out Of My Mind” I’ve also sang with an Elvis imitator singer Jimmie Wierenga I made 4 videos with him which you can see here: 1. “You’re The Boss” 2. “Don’t Be Cruel” 3. “Can’t Help Falling In Love” 4. “The Lady Loves Me” and I’ve also performed live with him: Another person I worked with on video is Mark Campayno for a cover song called “Wings” I’ve also made a video with my cat “Missing You At Christmas Time” Another collaboration I did with Robert a pianist for the cover song “Out Here On My Own” and I’ve worked with a dancer for my video “The Look Of Love”.

Do you like Football? What team are you fan of?
I’m not very interested in Football but I do like the World Cup I’ve even created a music video and song for the Dutch team called “Nederland Kampioen”.

Do you have a band?
I work with many musicians from all around the world. But I don’t have a regular band that backs just me. Yet 😉

Please tell me about your Studio equipment?
My studio equipment is as follows: a “Yamaha Stagepass 600i” consisting of speakers with a mixing panel. My audio interface is a “Scarlett focusrite 2i4″, my studio microphone is a “Neumann TLM 102″ and of course we can’t forget my Windows 8 laptop from ASUS.

What’s the greatest adventure you have ever been on?
One of my greatest adventures was camping under a tarp in the woods, yes that sure was an adventure.

What’s your main music style?
Pop, but I like to try many new styles to keep things a little varied.

How long have you been performing?
Since I was 15 years old but lately I have my focus very much on creating my new CD and even a DVD. I also upload a new music video every 2 weeks on Tuesday to YouTube so that is taking all my time. I really like that through the internet you can reach the whole world.

How many songs have you written/completed?
I have 60 original songs completed and released at the moment. Most are not written by myself because I release so many songs and so many composers send me songs I have no need to write myself.

Do you have any recording experience?
I recorded every song you ever heard from me myself.

How many gigs have you played?
On my event page you can find a list of public performances I did. My focus has never really been on performing at gigs but on working on music videos for YouTube and creating albums and a DVD but I am asked many times if I’d maybe want to give an online concert so I am working on that and I hope in 2016 to give it.

What is your favorite rhyme?
I’ll tell you when I know it.

What has been your highlight to date as a musician?
That is a hard choice 😉 I’ve had some great things happening like performing live in Paradiso (Amsterdam, NL) and in London (U.K.), Winning a Grand Price of $10.000 on ArtistSignal, singing “Little Miss Understood” for a Sci-Fi/Horror movie “Plan 9″ and not to forget the release of my 2 Albums “Dreams” and “Timeless” and my first DVD “Timeless Dreams”.

Do you have clavicles?
There is quite a story to that… Here is a little message about it which I wrote back in 2013: I’m a lot better now though!



 When was the first time you performed live on stage?
The first time I performed live on stage was in March 2008. I was 15 years old.

 Did you release your own original songs? And where can I get these songs?
Yes I have released 19 original songs. You can get them on CD-Baby or on iTunes and many other stores.

 What is your biggest achievement?
– Performing live in Paradiso (Amsterdam, NL) and in London (U.K.)
– I was selected by Darkstone Entertainment to sing the song “Little Miss Understood” for their forthcoming Sci-Fi/Horror movie “Plan 9″, scheduled for release by fall 2014.
– Becoming number one in the original music video chart on BEAT100.

 Are you present on YouTube?
Yes, This is my main YouTube channel:
And these are my backup YouTube channels:,,

 What are your favourite songs?
I love so many songs! And so many different music styles! But I can name a few. For example “Born To Try” by Delta Goodrem, “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey, “Love You Like A Love Song” by Selena Gomez, Love Letters by Alison Moyet, “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars and Skyfall by Adele.

 What are your favourite films?
Phantom of the Opera

 What is your favourite colour?

 Who is your favourite male singer?
Bruno Mars

 Who is your favourite female singer?

 What is your favourite book?
All You Need To Know About The Music Business

 What are your hobbies?
Singing, dancing, making videos, driving the car.

 What is your Maxim for your life?
Be who you are! Don’t stop dreaming! Do what you believe in! Never give up! ♥

 Who are your main musical influences?
I don’t really have main musical influences, there are many people who make beautiful music. And I like a lot of different music styles.

 What inspired you to become a musician and how did you get to where you are today?
I’ve been singing and dancing since I was a child. I got where I am today by working hard.

 Which awards did you get?
Three times I received a Gold Chart winner award on Beat100

 How did you find BEAT100 and has it been an enjoyable experience for you?
I was invited through YouTube to upload my videos on BEAT100. I thought it was a great site so I uploaded my videos. I’m really excited that I became number one in the original music video chart. (2013-02-18).

My question is do you ever get writer’s block?
No, I never had writer’s block. My original songs are written for me by different composers from all over the world. “Missing you at Christmas time” was the only one whose lyrics I really wrote. I don’t have much time to write songs myself but do have some lyrics that came to me suddenly ready for future use.

Do you play an instrument?
I don’t play any instruments since I do the audio recording and video editing and website building etc all myself. There’s just no time left to learn to play an instrument.

Are you involved in the musical part to how you want it to sound like?
Not always… but most of the time yes I am involved.